Deconstructing Social Anxiety Seminars

A series of ten monthly seminars

With Simon Good
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

If you go on to Amazon or Karnac website and search Social Anxiety, you will find many books on personal experience, self-help and CBT approaches to ‘Social Anxiety’. What you won’t find are any psychodynamic books specific to the term, apart from a few that look at Social Anxiety within the structure of an organization.

Thinking about guilt and shame workshop

with Sally Despenser

Saturday 10th June, 2017
Time:  10am – 4pm

This one day experiential, interactive workshop focuses on two powerful feelings: guilt and shame.

Why is it that both guilt and shame seem to be neglected in many trainings, and to be absent from mainstream counselling texts? Do you find that these emotions are particularly difficult to work with?

Shame and guilt are in all of us. Concealed and kept under wraps, both can lead to impoverished lives, destructive patterns of behaviour and distorted relationships.

As counsellors, we need to know about our own guilt and shame in order to work with clients. In therapeutic work, as material long concealed begins to emerge, we need to practise waiting, pacing and managing difficult feelings (our own, and those of the client).