Counselling Costs

ECS is a non-profit making, registered charity. We receive some grant aid, but mainly rely on the financial contributions of those who use our services.

In order for us to be able to continue to provide a service, we ask clients to agree as high a fee as they can manage. The fee for individual counselling is £45.00; however, a sliding scale is used to determine your level of contribution. This is related to your monthly income before the deduction of tax. The level of your contribution will be agreed at your assessment.  We also provide a reduced contribution scheme for those on a low income or on benefits.

Once a regular counselling meeting has been agreed, clients are responsible for paying the negotiated fee for all sessions offered to them by their counsellor, including sessions missed by the client, until the contract ends.

Free Assessments

We are currently also providing a limited number of free 50-minute assessments to those in financial hardship. These assessments take place during the day. Please contact us to register your interest in a free assessment.