Psychotherapy Training

The theoretical components of the course will be presented as lecture, discussion of papers and reading material. Further course details to follow.

During the year the topics below will be covered. Your seminar leader will provide you with a reading list and a term by term programme which you may be asked to contribute towards shaping.

2024 course start dates  

Date: 19th September 2024
Time: 2pm – 7pm

Location: Online via Zoom
Fees: See below

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Download and send the application form via email to ECPS.

This course is held on one day per week, from September to July. It includes seeing two clients under supervision and two supervisors. It provides qualification to work as an agency and private psychotherapist, and is part of the requirements for becoming an individually accredited British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) psychodynamic psychotherapist. It is recommended for those who have completed the 3 year Diploma course or its equivalent, and who want a professional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy which enables them to:

Work as agency psychotherapist, in private practice or in private sector organisations.
Pursue further clinical hours (in-house) leading to BACP or UKCP accreditation.
Membership of Enfield Counselling Service and the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).

Course details

This course offers detailed study in the practice and technique of psychotherapy, with psychodynamic theories forming the core model. Unconscious and conscious processes, the client/counsellor relationship and clinical boundaries within a therapeutic setting are the main focus. The emphasis is on integrating theory and practice, and an important part of the course is the supervised work trainees do with their clients. Personal psychotherapy is a requirement throughout the course. The course is accredited by the British Psychoanalytic Council, and with sufficient clinical hours and successful completion of the course will entitle the student to gain membership of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Each study day consists of three theoretical seminars. Trainees will also participate in two supervision groups, with a maximum of four trainees per group.

The theoretical seminars cover techniques and practice, and developmental psychology as well as more in depth aspects of psychotherapeutic work such as psychiatric and acute presentations.

Further details of course structure and assessment to follow.

You will need to be with an approved psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapist. You need to contact the Training Co-ordinator who will provide you with our Therapy Adviser details. You will need to remain in personal therapy throughout the training. Application details Applicants will have successfully completed the Certificate in Counselling Skills course or it’s equivalent. You will need to provide details of the course you have done if it was not an ECS or WPF affiliate course. There is also an age requirement for applicants (25 years or older).
A completed application form should be returned to the Training Co-ordinator, together with a brief report from your Counselling Skills course tutor. Where the requirements have been met, the applicant will then have two interviews.

First interview

This is conducted in two parts. The first part is an interview with the Training Coordinator. The second part is a case discussion. The applicant will be given a case to consider for discussion with the Clinical Director, either individually or as part of a group with other applicants. There is a fee of £45.00 for the first interview. Second interview: This will be with our external assessor to whom a fee of £55 is to be paid. Applicants may be asked to attend a third interview. The decision to offer a place will be based on the outcome of all the interviews and the fulfilment of the above requirements. For details about application submission date, please contact the Training Co-ordinator via the office. Enfield Counselling Service reserves the right to cancel or change the contents of all courses

An important part of the psychotherapy training entails supervised clinical work with clients at ECS. This necessitates a level of self-awareness which psychodynamic practitioners must attain in order to work effectively and ethically with those who seek such help. As personal development is part of this process, it is essential that trainees are in personal therapy. This is a requirement of the psychotherapy training course.


Timing and length of therapy

Minimum once weekly personal therapy with a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.


Arrangements for personal therapy

Details to follow.

Payment of fees for Year 4  – Fees for all years subject to annual review

The fee of £8,000 for the year includes an enrolment fee of £800 which is payable in response to ECS’s offer of a place. On acceptance of an offer of a place the student enters into a financial contract with ECS. (See contract terms).

The balance of £7,200 may be paid in full or in instalments. If paying in instalments, details of monthly and termly plans will be provided:

31st August – £2,400
30th December- £2,400
30th March – £2,400

Whether paying in full or in instalments, course fee must be remitted by 31st August before term starts. Fees are subject to annual review. Please discuss with the Head of training any anticipated difficulties before a crisis arise so that a mutually acceptable arrangement can be agreed.

Contract terms
On accepting an offer of a place on the course, the student enters into a financial contract with Enfield Counselling Service (ECS) and pays an enrolment fee.

In the event of a student not taking up an accepted place the enrolment fee and any other fees already paid are non-refundable. The enrolment fee will be refundable only if ECS withdraws the offer of a place because of a candidate’s unsatisfactory references.

If a student withdraws from a course part way through the year, the full fees for the year are payable.
In the event of a student anticipating or experiencing difficulty in meeting financial obligations to ECS, contact should be made as soon as possible with the Head of training so that a mutually acceptable arrangement can be agreed.

If a student has been awarded funding from a third party source, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that obligations to ECS are fulfilled. The Head of training needs to be notified in advance of the course start date if any communication is required between ECS and the funding body. Fees are subject to annual review. They may be remitted either in full or in instalments.

Psychotherapy Course Term Dates 2024 – 2025



Thursday, 19th September – Thursday, 5th December 2024

Reading Weeks: Monday, 21st October – Friday, 1st November 2024


Thursday, 16th January – Thursday, 27th March 2025

Reading Week: Monday, 17th – Friday, 21st February 2025


Thursday, 1st May – Thursday, 10th July 2025

Reading Week: Monday, 26th May – Friday, 30th May 2025


25th, 26th December 2024, 1st January, 18th April, 21st April, 5th & 26th May 2025