How counselling works

A skilled counsellor or psychotherapist will listen and help you understand how past experiences, worries about the future or lack of confidence may be affecting your life. Together you can reflect on how you respond to life events and explore the way you relate to yourself and others. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do or give advice, but will help you make your own choices. People come to ECS in order to address emotional, personal or relationship problems. These include:

• Lack of confidence

• Difficulties in sustaining relationships

Bereavement and loss

• Physical illness

• Difficulty in expressing feelings

• Loneliness

• Psycho-sexual problems

• Issues relating to abuse or unhappiness in childhood

• Depression

• Anxiety and panic attacks

• Stress at work

• Women’s issues

• Eating Disorders

• Addictions

• Self Harming

• Internet Pornography

Easy steps to access counselling with us

Book a

50-minute assessment

We will recommend what therapy will suit you.

You will be referred to a therapist who will arrange your fee and sessions.

Download and fill in the application form and bring it to your assessment.

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