ECS Workshop Schedule 2021 – 2022

ECS Workshop Schedule 2021 – 2022

During 2021-2022, ECS will continue to run our popular workshops which are open to everyone at ECS. Experienced lecturers and practitioners will deliver diverse, current topics relating to counselling and psychotherapy. Workshops are scheduled to be delivered remotely until further notice with the exception of the ‘Race and Identity’ workshop.

Learners on the 1st year of the Diploma are allocated one compulsory workshop that they must attend but will not be charged for. In addition to this, 1st year Diploma learners can attend one further workshop free of charge. 2nd and 3rd year Diploma students must attend both of Liz Good’s workshops.

Historically, many want to attend more than two workshops across the academic year but please be aware that for Diploma students, you will need to pay for the additional workshops if you have exceeded the two that are available/allocated to you with no charge. 

Please note that the academic writing skills workshop is free to students on year 1 and 2 of the Diploma and can be in addition to your allocated workshops; also, workshops are scheduled to be delivered remotely until further notice, with the exception of the ‘Race and Identity’ workshop.

The workshops are as follows:

*compulsory for 1st year Diploma students

**compulsory for 2nd and 3rd year Diploma students

Please note that some topics for workshops are repeatedly annually but workshops are continually adapted to keep up with some of the fast-moving changes within the area, in particular eating disorders, addictions and diversity. 

Workshops are available to all ECS members. Certificate students are welcome to attend but will need to pay the fee. Fees range from £50-£60. Please check with the office for more information on each workshop and to make a booking.

To register your interest on any of the above courses please email ECS at

April – Training Open Day

Next Training Open Day

Date: Sat, 3rd April 2021
Time: 12noon – 2pm

Find out more about our 6 week introductory course, our one year certificate course and the 3 year professional Diploma.

An informal two hours where you can meet current students, course tutors and trained counsellors who have moved on to the Diploma course here at ECS.

A great opportunity to gain more understanding on what it is like to study to become a psychodynamic counsellor/psychotherapist and to find out more about careers and employment in this field.

Please note attendees will need to register their name and contact details with ECS in order to attend.

NEW Certificate in Group Therapy

Aims of the Certificate Course

This course is intended for qualified practitioners Counsellors/Psychotherapists who are interested in broadening their knowledge of group dynamics. Whether in the mental health field, social services, education, the voluntary sector or business, and whether the groups people work with are therapy groups, support groups, educational groups or staff groups.

The course will also be of value to those intending to set up a group, those already working with groups, and to those wanting to better understand their functioning in groups to which they already belong.

The course structure includes theoretical seminars, experiential groups and work discussion groups. Participants will be introduced to key group-analytic theory, concepts and their application in clinical and non-clinical settings.
Issues of diversity and difference will be integral to course content. Participants will be encouraged to contribute their experiences of groups from the many social and professional contexts in which groups operate.


Each weekly session is divided into two parts:

• A Theoretical Seminar or Work Discussion Group lasting for 1 ½ hours. The discussion will draw on the participants’ relevant experience in the work place and other group settings.

• An Experiential Group lasting also for 1 ½ hours




To Be Confirmed

Course Fee

£1695.00, Application fee: £16.00, Interview fee: £40.00
This course is for 12 people maximum.

Let us know if you would be interested in applying for this course.
Call 020 8367 2333 Or Email Us

New: Certificate in Brief Therapy

Aims of the Certificate Course
This module will help participants to become familiar with the way in which contemporary
counselling and psychotherapy is in the process of turning towards “Brief Therapy” as a
preferred mode for some areas of casework.

This Course is intended for qualified practitioners (counsellors, psychotherapists) who are interested
in Brief therapy in a variety of contexts.

For full details including dates and how to apply to this course click here

Make a difference and become a trustee

Make a difference and become a trustee

Enfield Counselling Service need Trustees

Have you spare time?
Have you got experience and skills we could use?

If you like being in the centre of the action, helping make decisions that really matter to people. If you have a range of skills and experience and would enjoy being a team member and working with ECS Board of Trustees we’d like to talk to you.

Experience in the following would be desirable:

• IT
• PR & Marketing
• Legal or Fundraising
• An understanding of Counselling and Psychotherapy is an advantage.

For further information:
Contact ECS on: 020 8367 2333 OR Email Us