Enfield Counselling Service Workshops

Enfield Counselling Service workshop schedule and provision for students

During 2021 ECS will continue to run our popular workshops. We have secured some new highly experience lecturers to deliver more diverse and interesting topics relating to counselling and psychotherapy.

Learners on the Diploma courses are allocated two workshops a year that they must attend but will not be charged for. Those learners can choose which two workshops they would like to attend and register your interest with Richard@enfieldcounselling.co.uk via email as soon as possible.

We are aware that some people may be ‘owed’ workshops which can be negotiated separately to ensure that everyone is able to attend the number of workshops they need for the requirements of the course.

We hope this new system will offer all greater flexibility and that you will be able to find the two workshops that fit in with your schedule.

Some of you may want to attend more than two workshops across the academic year but please be aware that you will need to pay for the additional workshops if you have exceeded the two that are available to you. In other words the workshops are free to Diploma students to a maximum of two per year.

The workshops are as follows:

23rd January 2021 – Harrinder Singh-Dhillon – Group Dynamics

13th February 2021 Liz Good – Addictions and Perversions

13th March 2021 – Cameron Brown – Opening a Private Practice

27th March 2021 – Anna Santamouris – Dependency

17th April 2021 – Giovanni Felice – Pace Eating Disorders

8th May 2021 – Andrea Oskis – Attachment

Please note that some or all of these workshops will be repeatedly annually, some may be every other year or be adapted.

There will be additional workshops for 2021 which will cover areas such as race, difference and diversity and ethics. Details of these workshops will follow on soon.

Certificate students are welcome to attend but the non-Diploma students will need to pay the fee.

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