Enfield Counselling & Psychotherapy Service Workshop Schedule 2022 – 2023

Enfield Counselling & Psychotherapy Service Workshop Schedule 2022 – 2023

During 2022-2023, ECPS will continue to run our popular workshops which are open to everyone at ECPS. Experienced lecturers and practitioners will deliver diverse, current topics relating to counselling and psychotherapy. Workshops will all take place at the centre in the training room, unless told otherwise.

It is mandatory for learners on the 1st year of the Diploma to attend both the Induction and Race & Identity workshops. In addition to this, 1st year Diploma learners can attend one further workshop free of charge. 2nd and 3rd year Diploma students must attend the eating disorders and perversions workshop.

Please note that except for the Induction workshop, ALL workshops attended are payable. The fee will be £40 for students and £50 for qualified Counsellors. Historically, the fees have varied according to student level, however as you can appreciate a lot of work goes into arranging and carrying out the workshops so the fees are reflective of this, as well as the high level of knowledge provided. As we are also back face to face, various costs are involved in the running of the workshops, hence the fees required for all. All workshops attended will count towards the CPD for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. 

The workshops, which will be held on Saturdays, are as follows:

3rd December 2022 
CBT – Basic skills with Elizabeth Mills

14th January 2023
Induction workshop* with Richard Green

21st January 2023
Eating Disorders and Perversions** with Liz Good

4th February 2023
Group Dynamics with Harrinder Singh

4th March 2023
Self-harm and Depression with Anna Santamouris

25th March 2023 
Gender & Sexuality with Eleni Henderson

29th April 2023
Narcissism with Anna Santamouris

27th May 2023
Domestic Violence with Liz Good

10th June 2023
Race and Identity* with Michelle Brown & Serena Kelly

 1st July 2023
Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy with Michelle Brown

*compulsory for 1st year Diploma students

**compulsory for 2nd and 3rd year Diploma students

Please note that some topics for workshops are repeatedly annually but workshops are continually adapted to keep up with some of the fast-moving changes within the area, in particular eating disorders, addictions and diversity. 

Workshops are available to all ECS members including certificate students. Please check with the office for more information on each workshop.

To register your interest on any of the above courses, please email Louise Pemberton at info@enfieldcounselling.co.uk