Secrets and lies

A one day workshop with Sally Despenser
Saturday, 3rd February 2018
10am – 4pm

This one day experiential, interactive workshop focuses on 2 powerful behaviours: the keeping (or
divulging) of secrets and the telling of lies (and other deceitful behaviours eg fraud, cheating etc).

• What are people secretive about? And what is the secret designed to avoid or cover up? Who owns the secret?
• How are secrets maintained? Who holds the power? Who is deceived and excluded? Who (or what) is being protected?
• What happens when the secret is uncovered? What are the consequences?
• How do we work with secrets and lies in therapy with individuals, couples, families?
• Should you ever promise to keep someone else’s secret? As a counsellor? In your private life?

Sally Despenser is a freelance trainer, counsellor, supervisor and writer. She draws on 30 years of
professional experience in a wide range of settings, and she currently works with staff and bereaved
people in 2 end of life settings: a hospice and a Maggie’s centre.

Date: 3rd February 2018 
Venue: ECS, St Paul’s Centre, 102A Church Street, Enfield, EN2 6PR
Cost: £65.00(£50.00 for Registered Members of ECS ) (£20.00 deposit required)
(Full payment should be received by 10th January 2018)
Maximum 18

Coffee & Tea provided

To book call: 020 8367 2333 Or Email Us