ECS Vacancy for Head of Training

Head of Training for Enfield Counselling Service BPC accredited training course.

Clinical Qualifications

The ideal applicant will be a registered BPC Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist with at least 5 years post qualifying experience. Alternatively applicants will need be of an equivalent standard of clinical practice registered with CPJA.

Administration Skills

Applicants will be efficient and well organised and willing to comply with the administrative requirements and procedures of the organisation. It would be helpful if they could produce their own correspondence, and produce in typed format, reports and recommendations within the service. The applicant will have experience of chairing meetings with an ability to hold and manage the differing priorities colleagues may offer in respect to training.

Working as part of the Counselling Service

Applicants are required to work and liaise with other members of the service where necessary. They are expected to seek consultation on clinical matters where appropriate with the Clinical Director.

Equal Opportunities

ECS is committed working towards Equal Opportunities. The appointee must be in agreement with ECS’s Equal Opportunity Policy and in tune with ECS’s basic philosophical principles.

10 Hours per week
£25 per hour

To apply or for more information contact ECS on 020 8367 2333 OR > Email Us