Deconstructing Social Anxiety Seminars

A series of ten monthly seminars

With Simon Good
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

If you go on to Amazon or Karnac website and search Social Anxiety, you will find many books on personal experience, self-help and CBT approaches to ‘Social Anxiety’. What you won’t find are any psychodynamic books specific to the term, apart from a few that look at Social Anxiety within the structure of an organization.

So what is Social Anxiety? Many people would associate it with the teenager standing alone at a party unable to speak to anyone, the awkward one at a meeting, the ‘quiet one’ the one that never takes up the invitation to group gatherings, school reunions, mutual friends birthday celebrations. The list goes on. The popular description most used by writers on the subject is ‘shy’. What then follows in CBT and self-help books is overcoming shyness by challenging the negative assumptions of self and others. In psychodynamic language; introjections and projections.

Social Anxiety in psychodynamic understanding is a broad term that covers many topics, many of these topics can be found within the other broad term ‘shy’.

During this year we will look at psychoanalytic papers that cover topics like shy-narcissism, anxiety, Shame, self loathing and self hatred, schizoid phenomena and disorders of self. Plus causative factors such as early environmental failures, later social influences such as, teasing, bullying, shaming and adolescent pressures. We will see that a lot of these ideas overlap, and ultimately from the reading and discussions arrive at the question; is there such a phenomenon as social anxiety? Or, is this a reductive term for a collection of separate symptoms and disturbances.

Topics include: Shyness, Shame, Blushing, Teasing, Bullying, Panic and Signal anxiety.

These 10 seminars count as 15hrs towards CPD requirements

Open to students, Counsellors and Psychotherapists

Dates: May 27th, June 24th, July 22nd, Sept 30th, Oct 28th, Nov 25th, Dec 9th, Jan 27th, Feb 24th, March 31st

Enfield Counselling Service, Room 4

Time: Saturdays 1.30pm -3.00pm
Cost: £200.00 (£180 registered Members of ECS)

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